Our Approach to Commercial Design:

We design our commercial spaces to fit the activities for which they will be used, and to enhance the experiences of those who work in them and visit them. 

Scale is one of the most critical factors in commercial design.  A hierarchy of scales from public to private help to define the spaces and suggest a natural flow of activities within them.

Many of our commercial spaces feature a village feeling, with offices or shops clustered around central public “squares”.  Sometimes these spaces link separate buildings or structures and sometimes they serve as a central focus to a group of offices or other uses.

Whenever possible, we try to introduce lots of natural lighting within these central spaces, so that, even when they are interior, the rooms which open on to them can have windows or other openings for additional light and views.

We pay attention to the unifying aspects of material, geometry and color, in order to create varied but harmonious environments for work and commerce.

Palm Square Village Shops

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Pegasus Building

Cornerstone Building


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