We believe that one of the most important features in designing a building is the placement of that building within its site context.  We like to view the building and the site as an articulated continuum.

Therefore we have always been interested in the gardens and small structures which give a spatial organization which extends outward from the main structure into the entire site and beyond into the neighborhood and community.

We are also interested in the ways in which the landscape features can gracefully handle drainage needs, solar orientation concerns, screening unwanted views and other practical functions.  We like to incorporate native plants and low maintenance features where appropriate.

We plan each building and site design together to achieve a harmonious and unified project.  We often work with Andy Upshaw of Pleasant Gardens in planning our outdoor environments, and we  often incorporate outdoor lighting and water features into our projects.

Glandon Couryard Stream Garden

Mint Springs Garden

Pool Terrace Garden

and Greenhouse

Indian Springs Gardens


Renwick Pool & Cabana

Cornerstone Offices

Gardens and Small Structures

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