Historic buildings are worth preserving, because they connect us to our past.  Every building will eventually require renovation and/or restoration if it is to continue supporting human activity.  Natural forces and normal use and abuse will destroy its functionality over the years.

The details and construction techniques used originally in historic buildings are often obsolete when they are in need of restoration.

Many historic buildings were constructed without mechanical or electrical systems. Modern buildings are equipped with climate control systems which require energy efficient construction measures to avoid excessive waste in energy use.  Modern systems need to fit graciously within their historic contexts. When buildings are used for modern purposes, they need to address Building Code requirements also in order to provide a safe environment.

Some historic buildings are maintained as living museums and others are adapted for modern uses.  Our approach to historic renovation projects varies depending upon the goals of the project, but in all cases, it is important that the original forms, materials and details are restored.

Historic Downtown Buildings

Chi Phi Fraternity

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Charlotte Hawkins Brown Stte Historic Site


Historic Homes

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Historic Preservation

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