We are well known for our single family homes. We have designed many homes for individual clients, many for our own projects and many that are based upon our plans developed for our own projects that we have later modified to suit individual clients.  Many of our designs have been built only once, while others have been built dozens of times, often with major and minor variations.

Most of the conceptual designs for our homes has been the work of Lucy Carol Davis personally, while one of our staff architects has served as the project architect/manager, taking these initial designs through the design development, construction document and building phases.

Our single family designs have ranged in size from tiny vacation homes of less than 1000 SF to homes of 10,000 SF or more.  We have designed homes in a variety of styles, depending upon their contexts and the desires of the clients.  Where the building program allowed, our original styles have also flourished. 

As with all of our projects, in addition to addressing our clients' specific needs and desires, we pay special attention to the relationship of each home to its site and broader context, its solar orientation for climate control and lighting, the efficient use of material in construction, and its spatial organization and proportion.

Lucy was first a proponent of energy conservation and solar design in the 1970's, and while in graduate school at the U of Oregon.  She illustrated an early publication of solar homes, "Survey of Solar Buildings" which was published by the Center for Environmental Research of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts.  That early interest in solar and energy efficient design has informed all of Lucy's work and that of LCDA through the years.

A handful of Lucy's designs have been conceived in nearly finished form through a dream process, and this form of creative process has been featured in Dierdre Barrett's book The Committee of Sleep.   Lucy's dream inspired work was also featured by CNN on "Anderson Cooper 360" in August, 2005.  A video clip from this segment is included in the biographical section of this website.

A number of our homes have been published in magazines or newspapers and several have received awards.


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