Spring Valley

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Model Homes

Neighborhood Entrance & Signage

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We designed eight model homes, four of which were furnished and open to prospective buyers.  The furnishings were kept simple and small in scale to enhance the spaciousness of the interior spaces.  Several of the models offered sunrooms and skylights for solar gain and daylighting.  Many of the homes in the development are variations on one or more of the model homes, adapted for the individual buyers’ needs. 

Each home in Spring Valley was sited individually for solar orientation and views, and we tried to preserve all possible healthy trees.  As a result of this individual placement, the lots actually seem much larger than their 6500 sf (.15 acre) average.  The use of similar materials, roof shapes and a muted color scheme create a unified feeling within the neighborhood.

Spring Valley is a development of 119 homesites which we developed on a wooded, hilly acreage with a large central valley.  We designed this project in association with Roman Kolodij.  We decided to build a central lake within the valley, and we created a divided, small boulevard which leads from the entrance, down to the lake.  There is a ring road around the lake, with a secondary loop off this road.  The average lot size is 6500 SF, and the homes are simple, but interesting, energy-efficient homes of modest sizes and materials.

Spring Valley was our first large scale residential development project.  It has aged gracefully and remains a very popular neighborhood.  Houses that come up for sale tend to sell very quickly, and it appeals to a wide range of people, from singles to families and retirees.  The design guideines which were originally implemented for the neighborhood have allowed individual expression to develop within a unifying architectural and landscape context.