We have developed a number of infill and other special neighborhoods. These have ranged in size from 3 or 4 lot subdivisions of scarce land close to the center of Chapel Hill to a 119 lot subdivision of starter homes in Carrboro. 

In most of our neighborhoods, we have been the sole development  participant, designing and building all of the infrastructure and homes with our associated construction company, Davis, Davis and Davis, Inc.  Some of our neighborhoods have been developed for the landowners or in association with other developers.  Sometimes we have designed homes within our neighborhoods as “for sale” or spec homes; in other cases we have designed and built custom homes for specific clients on sites within our neighborhoods.

In the design of our neighborhood projects, we first consider how the homes will relate to the land and each other.  We look at topography, the locations of existing trees and other natural elements, and the orientation of each building to the sun and views.  We have often worked with civil engineers and landscape architects in the development of these projects, although we have always created the conceptual designs ourselves. Our visions for the finished homes are comprehensive and include the contextual levels of their sites, the neighborhood and the greater community.

In our development neighborhoods, we site each home individually and adjust each design in order to fit graciously into its context.  In one of our ear;y developments, we were able to achieve a remarkable sense of privacy, views and sense of natural surroundings with an average lot size of only 1/5 acre, by siting each home individually and taking care to preserve all of the existing trees that could possibly remain.

We believe that buildings should fit gracefully within their contexts - from their relationship to natural site features to their connections to the wider community.

Rose Lane

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Spring Valley


Hillsborough Square


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