Williams Farmhouse

Earnhardt Farmhouse

Davis Oaks

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Cory Residence

Kitchen Renovations

Residential Renovations and Additions


Every building will eventually require Renovation and/or Restoration if it is to continue supporting human activity.  Natural forces and normal use and abuse will destroy its functionality over the years.

We have renovated and added to homes from many different past stylistic eras.  In some cases the projects have preserved and restored the existing homes, while updating the mechanical and electrical systems and improving energy efficiency.  In other projects have transformed the architectural styles into something entirely new.

In most of our renovation projects, we work with our clients to determine their functional needs, in addition to assessing the existing building conditions, so that the project can be planned with the goal of preserving all that is worthy of retention in the old, while achieving the current needs and goals of the client.


Greenwood House

Glandon House

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Berry Residence

LaForce Residence